The Principals of Stewart Television are proud to have created and produced…

The Price is Right
To Tell the Truth
Eye Guess
The Face is Familiar
You’re Putting Me On
Three on a Match
The $10,000 Pyramid (20K/25K/50K/100K)
Winning Streak
Shoot for the Stars
Pass the Buck
The Love Experts
Chain Reaction
Celebrity Double Talk
Lucky Day USA
Fun & Fortune
Hollywood Showdown
Remember This?
Sports on Tap
Your Number’s Up!
Powerball Instant Millionaire


Stewart Television, which is the informal name of companies holding rights to Stewart properties, began in 1964. Its founder Bob Stewart previously worked for the Goodson-Todman Company where in 1956 he created The Price is Right and To Tell the Truth. Bob went on to create other formats for Goodson-Todman, including Password. He subsequently formed Stewart Television with his first independent effort, Eye Guess, premiering in 1966.

Sande Stewart joined the company in 1973, the same year our flagship title The $25,000 Pyramid began its illustrious run. It appeared for 18 years on network television as well as 9 additional years in syndication. During its run, the show garnered over 20 Emmy Awards including a record 9 wins for Best Show. It continues to be produced around the world.

The over 20 titles we have created and produced have appeared in the United States on every major network including ABC, CBS, NBC, USA, MSNBC, ESPN, PAX, Sony’s Game Show Network, and Lifetime Cable.